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Our favorite reviews from Amazon...

Below are some our favorite reviews from our flagship dish rack:


"I've been searching for the perfect dish rack for over a year now, and apparently the 4th time is the charm! I was hesitant to buy this, mainly because of the price, but figured I'd give it a try after seeing all the positive reviews and photos. I've spent over $100 in the last year on total duds, anyway. It arrived looking just like the featured photos and was easy to put together. It's rather large, but we do not have a dishwasher and cook constantly, so that was a plus for us. My boyfriend and I let a whole weekend's worth of dishes pile up before this bad boy arrived, and ALL of them fit in the rack at one time. Granted, I did a little Tetris with the dishes as I loaded them, but I really wanted it to hold all of them so I could post this extra happy review. Check out my photos and you'll see how ridiculously large my dish load was.

Previous to this one, I had purchased a Maxware 2-tier drying rack (Maxware 23-Inch Dish Rack, Chrome). It couldn't fit even half the amount of dishes and it wasn't sturdy. Don't hesitate to spend the extra money on the PremiumRacks model - you won't regret it."

From Nikki Rice

"Excellent product. I love how organized my kitchen looks now with this dish rack. Is big enough for my family and looks perfect in our kitchen. Very easy to install and good quality. I will recommend this product to anyone.

Update: I've had this dish rack for almost two years now, and it's held up to perfection. There have been no signs of rust on any of the stainless steel and the plastic has held up extremely well. I am very happy with my purchase and can't recommend this product enough to anyone in search of a dish rack.

We've had many compliments from friends and family over the years, which is extremely rare for a kitchen accessory. The product is very aesthetically pleasing and functions as advertised. It lasts a long time and made my kitchen a beautiful place."


"After struggling with the plastic dishrack that I paid fifty cents for at a local thrift store new, I did some searching on a GOOD dish rack that would be able to fit stuff in it, wouldn't warp with everyday use and wouldn't leave water all over my counter. THIS IS IT! Although I had a REALLY HARD time struggling to make sense of spending this much on a measley dish rack/strainer I figured if nothing else Amazon is really good with returns. I got this bad boy in and set it up to how I wanted it. I LOVE the cutting board rack thing that prevents the cutting board from getting wet. This saves a lot of space in the rack itself. The layout is pretty good and I LOVE the knife attachment that drains into the drip tray. I recommend this dish rack to anyone who I know has the $ to toss at one. It's been super handy, well-made, has never tipped over or anything and I haven't noticed any rust forming anywhere. I haven't had any issues with the cup clips bending or breaking or anything negative to mention about this dish rack. I've had this dish rack for 1-1/2 months short of 1yr and it's been great! Highly recommended!"

From Shakiki

"I didn't think it was possible for a dish rack to be premium until I spent some time using this. It is nice that you can configure it differently depending on your setup and available space, but mostly I am impressed by how many little things come together to make this work well. The metal wiring fits most dishes very well and gets them to stand up properly so they can dry. The cup hooks on the main body are also handy, as are the mountable hooks on the side. The knife holder can accommodate many different sizes, or you can just remove the cover and use it as a general-purpose basket. I never thought I'd want a side mount to just hold cutting boards. I will admit that the removable tray on the bottom feels a little flimsy, but being light makes it simple to remove and clean. Alternatively you can use the drying towel that is supposed to fit on the tray, it weights it down and catches moisture in case you can't angle it to drip properly into your sink. Really there is just so much going on here that I never thought I wanted until it was available. Definitely worth paying extra for, would buy again."

From- Brian Ortega

"As a single male with a tiny kitchen, no dishwasher and little interest in washing dishes EVERY night, this dish rack is perfect. One of the top features is its convertibility. I tried about six different configurations before settling on the one shown in the photos. Fits my sink/countertop perfectly. Another great feature is the two-tier design; adds so much room! And for those who are worried that might cause stability problems, check out the photo of my giant wooden cutting board in the holder all by itself. The rack is still rock solid stable. The two plastic drain boards are another plus. I put the larger ribbed one flat on the countertop and the draining non-ribbed one at a right angle over that to drain into the sink. This configuration catches all drips from the knife holder and silverware bin. I decided to mount the 3 glass holders inboard on the rack and have not regretted that decision. The microfiber towel is a nice additional touch. Mine lives rolled up behind the rack and will be used to drain large pots and pans, etc. If I could change one minor thing it would be to eliminate the ribs in the large plastic drain board. The water where I live is wicked full of lime and the ribs just make it more difficult to wipe dry. Also, the stainless steel construction of this rack is mandatory due to the corrosive nature of the water here.

"This leads me to one small issue which is IN NO WAY a fault of the product, rather a fault of my not doing enough research. PremiumRacks makes a rack identical in size, shape and features to this one but made out of a more corrosive resistant stainless steel (comes with a 3 year warrentee against rust/corrosion). It costs $10 more which I would’ve readily paid had I known of its existence before placing this order.

Yes, I’m way happy with this purchase!"

From Lane P. Cobb

"Sometimes you can just tell when a company designs a product not just to be competitive but to establish themselves at the top of the market.

This dish rack is fantastic and fits that category.

We used to switch between those cheap slim Rubbermaid plastic dish racks (ended up breaking eventually and forcing us to buy a new one yearly) or the (also cheap) metal ones that would rust and look disgusting after months of use. We decided instead to be smarter and spend a little more on a quality dish rack that would serve us for years.
Well, I researched deeply and decided to go for a premium looking stainless steel version, compared all the options and price ranges, discarded poorly designed ones (Looking at you, simplehuman's overpriced gigantic-yet-only-one-level rack) and settled for this one.

The product is even better than it already looks on the pictures.

The build quality is superb, this is thick stainless steel and not one of those thin options that will bend with heavy dishes or pots. The plastic pieces are robust as well and feel like they can take a beating, this isn't your "Replace it yearly if you have a large family" dish rack.
It's big and can fit a great amount of dishes, but since it doesn't have unnecesary plastic parts or cumbersome design, plus the spectacular modular (and top shelf) approach allows you to rebuild this to fit your need and space.
Pretty much everything can be removed or rearranged, the top shelf, the knives or utensil holders can be removed or placed wherever it suits you and it comes with 2 drain boards and a thick microfiber.
Right now we are using everything that came with it, but we'll probably remove the cutting board attachment since we don't use that much and could make room to place more cup holders there.

Forgot to mention, as you can tell from the pictures, this dish rack has a beautiful design and will definitely get some looks by kitchen trespassers.

I will update the review in the future if anything arrises, but the build quality and design alone tells me this will take a beating for years.
Now I only need to bug premiumracks often so they'll start selling their cup attachments on amazon as well."

From Jkmilo