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Customizable Dish Rack

Can hold more than expected | Top notch Quality

Finally broke down and bought a dish rack that wasn't cheaply made. I wanted a double decker dish rack and the fact that this is customizable sold me on this unit. The quality is top notch, you understand why it costs what it does when you have it in your hands. Everything is super sturdy, and the plastic dish drainer is very solid, and seems like it will last awhile (have had issues with plastic drainers before). The amount of dishes it can hold is not to be underestimated. I wasn't expecting the two levels to be able fit all that it can, and am very pleased because I need all the dish space I can get with 4 kids running around. Overall extremely pleased and highly recommend.

Customizable Dish Rack
Worth Every Cent!

I couldn't be more pleased with my purchase of this dish rack. I usually don't write reviews and was super skeptical about spending this much money on a dish rack, but after going through 2 dish racks in literally only 6 months, spending the extra money on an expensive dish rack seemed worth it. The customization is what sold me on this unit, and it does not disappoint. In the pictures on the product listing it has the utensil holder in the back, however I found it way more convenient having the utensil holder in the front of the unit. You can also move the top shelf from side to side, not sure if this is mentioned. Another thing that I was pleased with was the plastic drainer at the bottom. Most units I've bought you can tell will go bad in a few months, however this drainer is really sturdy and you can tell it will last the long haul. Overall if your debating shelving out the money, trust me this product will not disappoint.Customizable Dish Rack

It's worth the money!

I've been searching for the perfect dish rack for over a year now, and apparently the 4th time is the charm! I was hesitant to buy this, mainly because of the price, but figured I'd give it a try after seeing all the positive reviews and photos. I've spent over $100 in the last year on total duds, anyway. It arrived looking just like the featured photos and was easy to put together. It's rather large, but we do not have a dishwasher and cook constantly, so that was a plus for us. My boyfriend and I let a whole weekend's worth of dishes pile up before this bad boy arrived, and ALL of them fit in the rack at one time. Granted, I did a little Tetris with the dishes as I loaded them, but I really wanted it to hold all of them so I could post this extra happy review. Check out my photos and you'll see how ridiculously large my dish load was.

Previous to this one, I had purchased a Maxware 2-tier drying rack. It couldn't fit even half the amount of dishes and it wasn't sturdy. Don't hesitate to spend the extra money on the PremiumRacks model - you won't regret it.

Great Product! Great Value!!

I'm an extremely frugal shopper, and I'm a super tough critic. When it comes down to actually making a purchase, I need great quality, and a product that will provide a ton of value. I decided to finally bust out the wallet and buy an expensive dish rack that will last for years and provide maximum functionality.

We absolutely love this product! It is extremely well designed, and is built super sturdy. Was a little worried about the unit being wobbly and unstable, but after setting it up I can assure anyone having these worries that the unit is extremely sturdy. Overall, my husband and I can’t be more excited to have this amazing product in our kitchen. Actually makes doing dishes exciting!

Nicely made in sink dish rack

This stainless steel in sink dish rack is really nice. It is very good quality and well made. I got a bigger one for myself and my mom loved it so I got this for her. She doesn't have much counter space so she needed something smaller that she can use in her sink. She loves this one as well. You can adjust it to make it wider or make it smaller depending on your personal needs. All you do is pull it apart to widen it and push it together to make it smaller. It can hold quite a bit of stuff either way. It has a knife holder and a good size silverware holder. It also comes with a drain board so you can use it on your counter. This in sink dish rack is approved by my mother so I would also recommend it.

Great replacement for dish drying mat/ dish drainer overflow


This works great for additional drying space that rolls up and can be easily stored. Being stainless steel was a major selling point. The rubber holding the bars in place does a good job of not sliding on the counter/sink, which was something I thought may be an issue since I have it on an angle. What we found works best is to place washed dishes on a dish towel, then when done washing, place the rack over the sink and transfer them over. The problem I've had using a towel or drying matt is that cups and bowls would always get condensation inside unless I lifted one edge up to let air flow through. This rack eliminates that problem, while also trading sink space to reclaim some counter top space.

Customizable Dish Rack


BUY THIS ONE - if you have been looking for 2 rack system, this is what you need. I did all the reviews and looked everywhere/elsewhere online to no avail. I took the risk on this and it has paid off. 3 months of use and NO RUST no hard water spots, which was a problem by my sink. It actually comes with 2 trays, I use only the slide out tray, I rinse it with out water every now and then and I have no hard water build up.
I am unsure what the current price is but when I got it on sale for 45.00 it has already paid for it self.

Large square dishes are no problem. Turn them to diamond shape and easily fits on top rack. I put all the dishes and lids on the top and use the bottom for glasses mugs and small bowls. Even without loading the bottom, you can fill the top all day and it will be balanced and sturdy. You can't see in the picture, but there is a simple hook attachment to dry cutting boards and mats - it is what holding the cutting board in the image - that itself saves space you wouldn't think was a convenience.

You can customize it and have a choice of where to position things - BEST ADVICE - attach the plastic mounting plates to the bottom of the top tier legs/posts BEFORE connecting/snapping to the bottom half of the system. It will make it easy and more sturdy of assembly. If you do not have strong hand strength have someone help attach these pieces because it is a tight fit. After that it will make your counter look like a million bucks.

Happy with the purchase!

This coat and hat rack is really well made and good quality. It's strong and can hold a lot. The brown color is nice and matches everything else in the room. I like that it is hung on the wall because I don't have a lot of space. It is very easy to put together and hang up. My husband did it in less than five minutes with a power screwdriver. I put it in the bedroom to hang my night shirts, hats, and scarves on. I am very happy with this coat/hat rack. It's a nice space saver.

Customizable Dish Rack

Will last for years

After searching for 2 days on Amazon finally decided to go with this customizable dish rack. The customization sold me, but the quality has me coming back to write this review. Everything about this unit is well made, the top shelf doesn't wobble and feels extremely strong, the plastic bottom piece is very sturdy and well made, and the unit itself seems like it was last for years to come. Overall happy I made this purchase, will update in a few months to let you know how it is holding up.

Update: So after 3 months I've had no signs of rust, and the unit is holding up strong. Thinking about buying a bunch as Xmas gifts! 

Great Purchase

This dish rack is one of the best investments I’ve made for my kitchen. The material is top notch. I have no doubt this product will last for many years to come. The rack is extremely sturdy and was super easy to assemble. Love the side attachments, the knife holder is probably my favorite part of the dish rack. We store all of our big chef knives in this attachment. Love the little inside shelf as well, perfect for sponges, towels and soap.

The best qualities of the dish rack:

Capacity-It has a lot of room to put stuff. We use the upper rack a lot. Love it
Separate knife storage- Favorite part, store all of our big chef knives in this attachment
Super sturdy design- Have 0 worry about the rack collapsing or falling
Multi-level storage- Love being able to use multiple areas for storage

Five Stars!

One of the best drying dish racks we have in years. It seems as though the seller really thought it through on what the consumers need and want in a dish rack. My favorite feature so far is the separate attachment for knives holder. My husband and I have always struggle to find a safe place in the rack to dry our chopping knives. This really takes the stress out of it. The two-tier racks design makes our dishwashing experience a tad more pleasant. I can load a lot more dishes on this rack than any other ones I am currently owned. I just throw out my backup dish rack in the trash since this is enough for me.

But It's so useful for separating dishes

My family has been holding onto the same Rubbermaid dish rack for over 20 years. I kid you not - we had such a hard time finding a large rack for our needs, that we held onto the Rubbermaid one until it was breaking apart. So that gives you and idea of how hard to please we are. Although the price seems high, this rack is completely worth it! We've never owned a multi-level rack before, but it's so useful for separating dishes. We can place our cutting boards, mugs, knives, plates, pots and pans and utensils all very safely while not eating up too much of our counter space. We've been using it a couple of months and, so far haven't had any rust issues.

The best points of this rack:
Multi-level storage
Separate knife storage
Sturdy metal design
Removable tray
Cutting board holder

Cadillac of Dishracks

The reviews are right. This is the Best dishrack out there. It is very spacious and now we don't have dishes drying on a dish towel on the counter. I bought it without consulting the wife and she loves it too!

My Favorite Dish Rack Ever

I never thought I'd call a dish drainer attractive, but this one surely is! I have a small sink & love that this drainer is adjustable! I can adjust it down & it fits down into my sink, which looks so much better than sitting with all my rinsed dishes piled up high. If I have a crowd, I can spread the sides & make it cover the entire depth of the sink. It has the regular tray for silverware, but also a knife box with slots to drop your knives into individually. Such a great idea because it completely hides all the sharp edges - & I've always been a little clumsy, so was often cutting my hand on knives in the drainer. The entire drainer is a nice heavy duty metal, so yep - it's really attractive!!

Received this rack one week ago and already love it!

Received this rack one week ago and already love it! Previously, I had a Simplehuman dish rack which was very large and accommodated all my dishes and pots. Over the years, it was very hard to keep clean and would accumulate "gunk" on the drain if you forgot to constantly clean it. I read one review where it was described as a "mold factory". As I made the trade, I noticed that there was some mold in certain spots. I'm glad I switched, as this rack is very airy and much easier to clean, thereby eliminating the mold factor. So far, so good.

Expensive for a reason

This dish rack definitely worth the extra bucks. I was skeptical to spend so much money on a dish rack, but i decided to do so after reading all the positive review. I am glad I did. My husband, who does the dishes are very pleased with my purchase. The quality is way better than my previous dish racks that I got from target and IKEA. The second level is a bonus for me. I use it to dry all my baby bottles and nipples. I can get rid of my baby bottle rack to save counter space. highly recommend.

Well designed dish rack to maximize space

I bought this for my workplace office kitchen to replace a smaller dish rack in the hope that a larger and better organized dish rack would cut down on dishes piling in the sink. This was delivered in a timely manner and I really like the design of this: a place to keep a cutting board, utensils, and knives, as well as a separate spot for glasses and the two tiers for plates and bowls. No guarantee that people will be any better about helping to keep the office kitchen clean but it won't be for lack of a good dish rack. I may even think of getting one for home.

Buy this one!

This is the best damn rack I have ever seen! After decades of buying cheap dish racks that eventually rust. I finally decided to spend some money and buy a quality dish rack. We have NO regrets! Very well designed and super impressed by the amount of dishes it can hold.

The build quality is simply remarkable! I’m pretty sure I can take a baseball bat to this thing and it would legit be a struggle to destroy. I honestly feel like this dish rack can last decades. The only minor complaint I have is that the cutting board holder is a little too wide for our skinny board that we use.

All in all this dish rack is just plain awesome! Very sturdy and with a ton of versatility this dish rack is a must have if you have the space in your kitchen. Thanks PremiumRacks!


Everything one can look for in a dish drainer

Exactly what I was looking for. It take less space on the counter than my old dish drainer did, fits more dishes and and has features that my wife is very happy about such as cutting board holder. Having two levels adds more space and the height of the second level is perfect to fit big plates and still fit under that cabinets in the kitchen. I also having a choice of two different draining mats. Definitely a good buy.

Love it and recommend it to anyone who's looking for a new dish rack

My dish rack that i had was busted and was rusting. I told myself it was time for a new dish rack but something that wouldnt rust or break over time. When shopping on amazon I do my research very wisely. Once reading reviews and seeing pictures of the dish rack in action i knew this was the one for me. Love it and recomend it to anyone whos looking for a amazing dish rack.

This rack rocks!

I do not own a dishwasher so I was looking for a heavy duty, high capacity rack and this rack totally fits the bill. The fact that it is customizable is awesome. I've already moved the pieces around a few times to make it perfect for my space. I really like the knife block that can be used for knives or by removing the top can double as a drain for silverware or small objects like sippy lids, etc., and then there is the cutting board holder. Like I said, this rack rocks, I just love it - it [almost] makes dishwashing enjoyable

Love that there are two levels

So far, so good! My old dish rack was, well, old and rusty and sorely needed replacement. My wife and I wanted to purchase a dish rack that had the following features:
- spacious, preferably rectangular and with multiple levels
- rust-resistant
- solid build
- simple, unassuming appearance
- dedicated containers for utensils and knives

This dish rack has all those features and a few more (though, of course, after 2 weeks of use I cannot really say how rust-resistant it is, so I just have to take the Seller's word on that for now). I particularly like that, in addition to a nice 3-compartment container for utensils, there is a dedicated container for knives that can be positioned in multiple locations on the rack (and has a removal top, allowing you to use it as a regular container should you not desire a knife drying rack).

Best dish rack ever

I absolutely love this rack! Easy to put together, looks great and is so much better than what I was using before. May cost a bit more but definitely worth it!


This rollable rack offers an amazing solution! I can now dry all my dishes...

Purchased this over the sink dish rack because traditional dish racks take up too much counter space, and add clutter. This rollable rack offers an amazing solution! I can now dry all my dishes over the sink making my space extremely efficient. Dishes drip directly into the sink so you don’t have water all over your counter. Also, love the stainless steel on this unit, it’s extremely sturdy and I never have to worry about it collapsing into the sink. I’ve loaded it up with heavy pots and its supported everything just fine. Great product! Amazing space saver!

This dish rack is awesome!

This dish rack is awesome! I live in an RV so anything space saving is a plus.
The rack has 2 tiers, the top being held up by four strong metal post.
It also includes a container on top with three compartments for utensils. This piece can snap apart for cleaning.

You can easily disassemble the rack for storage if you don't want to leave it out.
The bottom tray has ridges to keep water away from your dishes and two drain slits on the right so there is never any standing water in the bottom.
I had the top tier full of heavy plates and the silverware container completely full and the rack held up nicely. No wobbling or flexing at all.
If sturdy, good looking, and space saving is what you are looking for I would recommend this product!